Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh Thyroid, Why Do You Continue to Vex Me So???

So, unfortunately our countdown has ended and I am once again sick. I have had a pretty bad soar throat since about last Wednesday. The most fun part is that there are little white pockets on my this was alarming to my doctor as well.

~And to the right is my interpretation of what my Thyroid gland looks like
(and I just thought the thermometer added to the picture)~
As a side note, I have since told a few new people of my multiplying maladies and their reactions were pretty much as follows: " Wow, I am so sorry.. but wait what???"- "You had ALL of those?!?!"and my personal favorite " Hahahahahahahahahahaha... that is pretty much ridiculous. I mean-I am sorry, but woo..."
So, you are not the only one alarmed by my knack for getting every illness known to man I assure you. Personally I see a bit of smallpox and yellow fever in my future... I never did get all of those silly vaccines they tell us we need.

And now for the update(drum roll, please!!): I went to the doctor and found that one of the 3 nodules on my Thyroid ( the white dot on the far right on the red Thyroid interpretation above) is solid and that is apparently troublesome. And this means??? I have to go to yet again another doctor(!!!!). This time it will be an Endocrinologist, who specializes in things such as thyroid/hormonal imbalance issues. He/she will be able to tell me if I'll need to go in for a biopsy( scary :/) or just keep the nodules closely monitored.

Lastly, I go back to my above mentioned sore throat. My primary doctor was, as I said, alarmed by the appearance of my throat and thus ordered tests to check to see if I have strep. Yay!! That sounds fun ;).

Ah, the list just goes on and on...Well, I shall keep you updated in the misadventures of my nodules and their unfortunate..."solidarity". Haha, I am tired and I hope that pun makes sense to someone else besides just myself.
Until we meet again, Oh Healthy Ones!

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  1. Even the solid nodules without blood flow and/or less then 1 cm do not require biopsy.
    These ultrasound findings may actually show the pseudo-nodules, that may be areas of inflammed tissue, especially it they cannot be palpated.
    This picture
    should make you feel better:)