Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Updates for all!!!

-I feel as if my immune system is saying
a similar thing to me every time I get sick...

Countdown begins: it has been approximately two weeks since my last cold/known illness!!!! Yay! Now, let's go for 3 weeks!
Unfortunately, I do have an update on the health situation as whole. First, to recap: I have an impeccable ability to get sick way more times than the average bear. Up until recently my mother (who has stuck with me through every cold, flu, and infection as only a mom can) and I have just been blaming my constant fatigue and weakened immune system on my anemia. Which for those of you who do not know is in my case a significant iron deficiency in my blood. Anyways, anemia can often cause some of the other more bizarre symptoms that have been impacting my ability to live a normal college life as well. However, in December I went to my doctor to check up on my iron levels and to get a series of blood tests done when she suggested they test for possible thyroid issues after discovering (on top of my other complaints) I had inflamed lymph nodes. While the blood tests came back normal, my doctor was still concerned. So, to conclude on this little information session: this Monday I am going home for the morning to get an ultrasound to check on my thyroid. Wish me luck!
On the one hand I would really not like to have another issue to deal with on top of classes, work-study, financial strain, and just college life in general but it would be nice to have an explanation for my persistent health issues. So, I am anxious, yet trying not to get my hopes up that they will find an explanation for my Masochistic Immune System ( see the title reference I made there :)).
Ah, but for now I continue on my quest to stay healthy and be a studious college student here at Trinity by trying not to stay up past 1 tonight- meaning I need to get back to my homework. Until next time, Oh Healthy Ones!

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